Lucky Bar Farm

Farmhouse white sleigh bed with a flowered spread and severall pillows in a yellow bedroom.

Springtime in Pittsboro, Bed and Breakfast in Moncure

Spring has arrived at the Lucky Bar Farm. We are just a short drive from Raleigh and Cary, NC, and 8 minutes from shopping, wine tasting and local craft beer in historic downtown Pittsboro.  All the trees are turning green with new foliage and the dogwoods are in full bloom. The azaleas look amazing! Worth the mention, in the Lucky Bar house, there are a few treats that will add some pleasure to your visit.  Our orchid is blooming for its third year in a row and this year and it has twin stalks. We cannot wait to see 30+ blooms all at once!

The snake plant in our sun room and breakfast area is on a roll.  Snake plants can grow up to 5 feet and rarely bloom one flower, but our Lucky Bar Farm “Mother’s Tongue” which is another name for the snake plant, is over 6 feet tall and had 6 blooming stalks this past Thanksgiving.  This vintage snake plant is from a cutting of Nancy’s Great Grandmother’s plant from over 100 years ago!  Go Great-Grandma!

Finally, our treasured pony tail palm is a must see.  Located in our foyer, at an astounding 14 feet and planted in a Robert Mondavi wine barrel, this plant is simply amazing.  Steve will challenge that it is the tallest pony tail palm in America that is kept indoors.  His research shows that this plant may grow to 3 feet when kept indoors and up to 20 feet in its natural habitat.  He purchased it at a mere 12 inches from a nursery in Swansboro, North Carolina, back in 1984 and has treasured it ever since.


A night at the farm is worth the visit just to see the plant part of our family.  These plants get just as much love as the animals, the farm, the house, and of course, our guests.

We can’t wait to see you!  Steve & Nancy

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